Who We Are

Douglas County Libraries welcomes everyone. In doing so, we condemn racism in all its forms, as well as any other oppression that divides and destroys our community. DCL is part of the Urban Library Council and has cosigned a social equity statement.

Our Vision

Douglas County Libraries elevates our community by inspiring a love of reading, discovery and connection.

Goals & Strategies

Building Bright Futures

Building Bright Futures: Creative Learning for All Ages

DCL will embody public libraries’ noble and necessary tradition as places of learning by imagining, crafting, honing and delivering creative, fun, inspiring and effective learning opportunities—learning that goes beyond the confines of the traditional classroom.
Key Strategies
  • Early Literacy
  • Creating Learning Environments
  • Life Transitions
Design My Library

Design My Library: Premium, Personal Library Experience

DCL is committed to building the next generation of Douglas County Libraries: libraries that exceed our customers' expectations.
Key Strategies
  • Inspired Buildings
  • Technology Excellence
  • Staff Engagement
  • Great Collections
  • Creating My Place
Create Connections

Create Connections: Engagement, Events & Celebrations

DCL will go beyond the civic spaces baseline to become our community’s center. We will celebrate community life inside and outside our libraries. Our staff will occupy select leadership positions in the communities we serve.
Key Strategies
  • Meetings & Events
  • Library as Community Leader
  • Honor & Support Traditions & Celebrations
Build Our Team

Build Our Team: Grow Internally to Succeed Externally

Our staff is our greatest asset and expense. Any smart investment in the people that make our library is money that comes back to us in manifold ways. Our internal strategies make our external strategies possible.
Key Strategies
  • Best & Brightest
  • Board Recruitment
  • Cultivating Culture