Camp DCL

Camp DCL will return in summer 2024! Registration opens February 1, 2024.

6 Benefits of Camp for Kids


Develops Skills

Kids get the right instruction and equipment to develop knowledge and skills at camp. With various camp activities to choose from, children can easily discover what they love and then build their talents and abilities in a learning-friendly environment.

Builds Self-Esteem

Children gain self-esteem by participating, contributing, and seeing results. At camp, they have the opportunity to achieve—whether it’s creating new types of artwork, learning fresh cooking techniques and recipes, building bots, or coding their own games. Those achievements build self-esteem.

Continues Education

Fun meets education at camp, where learning is more than textbooks and tests. Kids can apply the lessons learned during the school year in a variety of engaging hands-on activities and experiences. They’ll be so busy having fun, they won’t even realize that they’re learning!

Encourages Play

Kids love to have fun, and camp gives them plenty of opportunities for that while also encouraging creativity and social engagement. Though camp is structured, it is more relaxed than a school setting and offers children time and freedom to explore their imagination through play.

Fosters Growth

Camp can take kids out of their comfort zone and push them to try new things, as well as dig into their already established areas of interest. They will grow by developing skills doing favorite activities, and they will develop new skills exploring those activities that are new to them.

Nurtures Friendships

Kids meet other kids with similar interests at camp. Free from the social pressures of school, children can relax and build friendships and memories based on the shared experiences and fun challenges that bring them together.

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Camp DCL scholarships will be available through the Douglas County Libraries Foundation. You may also donate to the Douglas County Libraries Foundation to help send a child to camp.