Camp DCL

Summer Camps

June 6-August 5, Ages 4-12

Experience the magic of Camp DCL this summer! Choose from our weeklong half-day camps at six DCL locations or full-day camps at select locations.

Materials and snacks are provided for all camps; full-day campers must bring a nut-free lunch daily. Please also bring your own water bottle.
Castle Pines Camps

Castle Pines

Cooks + Books Cooking Camp

July 18-22, 9AM-12:30PM
Ages 5-7, $195
Kids' favorite books come to life through delicious recipes! Each day, campers will create two or more recipes related to some favorite children’s books, such as Last Stop on Market Street, Green Eggs and Ham, and Dragons Love Tacos. This camp will bring your child’s imagination to life through a hands-on, magical, literary and culinary experience! Facilitated by professionals from Sticky Fingers. Bring your own water bottle.
Castle Rock Camps

Castle Rock

Harry Potter Wizarding LEGO Camp

July 25-29, 9AM-12:30PM
Ages 5-10, $175
Accio! We hope you’ll join us for some spellbinding fun! Campers will explore the magical world of Harry Potter each day and bring their imaginations to life through creative designs. Riddikulus! There’s nothing scary here, just creative fun that opens doors to new possibilities (Alohomora!) and gives flight to your camper’s love of magic (Wingardium Leviosa!). Facilitated by professionals from Snapology. Bring your own water bottle.

CSI Science Camp

August 1-5, 1-4:30PM
Ages 7-12, $230
Solve mysteries on our special forensics team! DNA, fingerprinting, chromatography analysis—take your science skills to the next level in this exciting camp. We'll explore "What-if Science" with crazy, wacky experiments that will keep you talking forever. And campers will have fun building their own forensic science kits. Facilitated by professionals from Science Matters. Bring your own water bottle.
Highlands Ranch Camps

Highlands Ranch

Art Is Magical Camp

July 11-15, 1-4:30PM
Ages 5-10, $175
Art and magic collide during this fun week! Campers will create spellbinding art that sparkles, disappears, levitates, and glows, amazing all their friends and family at our Grand Finale Art Show! Through a unique teaching approach emphasizing positive, stick-with-it attitudes and problem-solving skills, we’ll bring magicians’ hats, disappearing bunnies, escape acts, and floating objects to life during the week, creating at least three projects each day. Campers will explore a variety of art mediums, including watercolor and acrylic paint, collage, clay sculpture, 3-D projects, and more. Facilitated by professionals from KidzArt. Bring your own water bottle.
Lone Tree Camps

Lone Tree

Global Taste Buds Cooking Camp

July 25-29, 1-4:30PM
Ages 5-10, $195
Cook your way around the world! When is the last time you were hands-deep in delicious ethnic cuisine from the four corners of Earth? Aspiring young chefs will have a blast every day discovering how easy and awesomely fun it is to cook (and gobble up!) tasty, healthy cuisine from South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia in our international cooking camp. Facilitated by professionals from Sticky Fingers. Bring your own water bottle.
Parker Camps


Farm to Table Cooking Camp

August 1-5, 9AM-12:30PM
Ages 5-10, $195
Bring the deliciousness of fresh produce to the table! Campers will explore local summer-fresh ingredients and learn how they get from the ground to our plates. Carrots can improve eyesight, but who knew cherries could help improve memory? Young chefs will learn what makes certain ingredients healthful and how good they can taste, while practicing basic cooking techniques. Facilitated by professionals from Sticky Fingers. Bring your own water bottle.

Parker Full-Day Camp

July 18-22, 9AM-4:30PM
Ages 5-10, $390
Science & LEGOs: This fun camp is equal parts science and LEGO wizardry! Campers will don their goggles each morning to solve the Mystery of the Growing Glove, catch a rainbow in a test tube, trap a foaming monster, and use the chemistry of yeast to make a tasty root beer treat. The Gator in the Bottle will visit to help build science skills. Each afternoon, we'll enter the Harry Potter-inspired world of wizards and witches to create castles, participate in a sorting ceremony, build imaginative secret rooms and a coat of arms, and more. Facilitated by professionals from Science Matters and Snapology. Bring your own nut-free lunch and water bottle each day.
Roxborough Camps


Castles, Kingdoms & Wizards LEGO Camp

July 11-15, 9AM-12:30PM
Ages 5-10, $175
Escape to the world of magic, fairy tales, and royalty! In this camp, kids will use LEGOs to design their medieval fantasies while also bringing real history to life. Campers will do more than just build with LEGO bricks; they'll build their understanding of the unique historical elements that make the medieval era such fascinating times in human history. Facilitated by professionals from Snapology. Bring your own water bottle.