Closure Policy

Douglas County Libraries (the "Library") will observe annually the following holidays via closure:
  • New Year's Day
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • Presidents Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Juneteenth
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day
The Board of Trustees ("Board") must approve any other Library closures other than those for emergencies, inclement weather, or short-term changes of operating hours to accommodate events or similar opportunities. The Executive Library Director will advise the Board on coming holidays and annual closures during the September meeting each year.
Adopted on December 6, 2023.

Disposal of Personal Information Policy

During the course of its activities, Douglas County Libraries (the "Library") may receive personal identifying information of its employees, contractors, directors, and/or constituents. Personal identifying information is classified under the Colorado Revised Statutes, Section 24-73-101(4)(b) as the following:
  • Social Security Number;
  • Personal identification number;
  • Passwords;
  • Passcodes;
  • Official state or government-issued driver's license or identification card number;
  • Government passport number;
  • Biometric data (e.g., finger print or retina scan);
  • Employer, student, or military identification number;
  • Financial transaction devices (e.g., credit cards, debit cards, banking cards, electronic fund transfer cards, guaranteed check cards, and financial account numbers).
When paper or electronic documentation containing personal identifying information is no longer needed, the Library shall destroy or arrange for the destruction of such paper and electronic documents within its custody or control that contain personal identifying information by shredding, erasing, or otherwise modifying the personal identifying information in the paper or electronic documents to make the personal identifying information unreadable or indecipherable through any means, as soon as possible in compliance with the Library's adopted Records Retention Schedule.
Adopted on December 6, 2023.

Electronic Mail and Monitoring Policy

In compliance with Colorado law, Douglas County Libraries (the "Library") adopts the following policy: Correspondence of Library employees and volunteers in the form of electronic mail (email) may be a public record under the public records law and may be subject to public inspection under Colorado Public Records Law, Section 24-72-200.1, et seq., C.R.S. Email services provided by the Library are deemed to be business operations. The Executive Library Director may authorize the inspection of email as necessary to ensure computer security, to maintain and test computer hardware and software, or for any other reason. The Library also makes regular backup copies of all files, including email, on its servers and archives those records according to Section 24-80-101 et seq., C.R.S.
Adopted on December 6, 2023.

Facility Naming Rights Policy

Douglas County Libraries ("Library") facilities shall be named in accordance with their community, geographical locations. However, the Library will also allow for naming rights in response to a major benefactor, either through substantial financial support or through distinguished effort and service on behalf of the Library. No Library facilities shall be named for any living person. The Library Board has the sole authority to approve names of Library facilities other than community, geographical location names. The Board expects the Douglas County Libraries Foundation to seek donors and recommend recognition commensurate with gifts. The Board will also approve the naming of facility spaces for donors and other recognitions.
Adopted on December 6, 2023.

Lobbying Policy

The Board of Trustees ("Board") recognizes that decisions by legislative and administrative bodies at the Municipal, County, State, and Federal levels have significant effects on Douglas County Libraries' (the "Library's") ability to carry out its mission successfully. Therefore, the Board authorizes the Executive Library Director to engage in advocacy activities on behalf of the Library's interest.
The Library, of course, will observe all applicable laws and regulations while engaging in lobbying efforts, whether those activities are carried out independently or in concert with representatives of other interested libraries, library associations, and others having a common interest. The Library may use reasonable resources, such as administrative assistance, office space, office supplies, office equipment, and necessary travel expenses, in representing the interest of the Library.
No Library funds shall be used to influence any campaign for public office.
Adopted on December 6, 2023.

Media Policy

The Executive Library Director manages and responds to media inquiries, delegating appropriate duties to staff. All efforts to contact or respond to the media are the responsibility of the Executive Library Director. Douglas County Libraries' (the "Library's") Board President is the authorized Board media spokesperson. Trustees have a responsibility in any media encounter of emphasizing that they are speaking as an individual and not for the organization or the Board. Trustees may share or verify matters of public record.
Adopted on December 6, 2023.

Risk Management Policy

Douglas County Libraries (the "Library") recognizes its responsibility to manage public funds in a responsible manner, which includes identifying, addressing, and appropriately managing any risks that may affect:
  1. The safety and well-being of its customers and employees;
  2. Its financial stability, or
  3. Its ability to achieve its mission of providing services to the community; and
  4. Business continuity plans and measures for high-risk events.
The Library considers loss or interruption of services of significant duration to be unacceptable and intends to manage operations to mitigate that risk. The Executive Library Director will ensure that risks are assessed annually and the related risk mitigation programs are evaluated and updated as appropriate.
The Library's risk management programs shall include, but not be limited to, a comprehensive insurance program, which includes public officials' liability coverage for the Executive Library Director and Trustees; employee safety training programs; and maintenance of a disaster recovery plan. In the event of a natural or human made disaster, act of terrorism, or other disruption to Library operations, the Executive Library Director is given authority to act as needed outside the scope of authority otherwise delineated in policy. The Executive Library Director will annually report to the Board, reviewing and describing risk mitigation products and strategies in place to safeguard the Library, its assets, and operations.
Adopted on December 6, 2023.

Social Media Policy

Douglas County Libraries (the "Library"), under the management and supervision of the Executive Library Director, shall use social media and digital marketing to extend its mission to audiences across the internet and to provide a public forum to foster discussion and awareness of library services and activities. This policy applies to staff as they are communicating with the community about the Library using Library-owned accounts.
Staff using Library-owned accounts must do so within three performance expectations:
  • Living the Library's values;
  • Adhering to the Library's policies (confidentiality and others); and
  • The effect of their work on the Library's brand and reputation in the community.
Adopted on December 6, 2023.