Battle of the Books


Battle of the Books is a bowl-style trivia tournament that's all about books, engaging hundreds of young minds every year.

Dozens of teams in grades 3-6 compete against each other in interschool battles and finals tournaments to determine a districtwide champion for all of Douglas County.

Teams, Schedules, Scores, and Standings

Battle of the Books is active at Douglas County Libraries’ Castle Rock, Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree and Parker locations. Choose a location to get started.

Book Lists

Get ready to battle! These are the books that this year's trivia battle questions will be based upon. All of these titles will be available as "Your Lucky Day" books at your local DCL branch.
3rd-4th Grade Books

3rd-4th Grade Books

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5th-6th Grade Books

5th-6th Grade Books

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Author Pronunciation List

    3rd & 4th Grade

  • Doreen Cronin: "Door_een" "Crow_nin" |  Listen
  • Angela Dominguez: "Ann_juh_la" "Duh_ming_es" |  Listen
  • Erin Entrada Kelly: "Eh_rin" "Ehn_traw_dah" "Keh_lee" |  Listen
  • Eve L. Ewing: "Ee_v" "El" "You_ing" |  Listen
  • Adam Gidwitz: "Ah_dum" "Gid_wits" |  Listen
  • Gillian Goerz: "Jill_ee_an" "Gurt_s" |  Listen
  • Jennifer L. Holm: "Jen_nih_fur" "El" "Holm" |  Listen
  • Zanib Mian: "Zay_neb" "Mee_ahn" |  Listen
  • Rodman Philbrick: "Rod_mun" "Fill_brick" |  Listen
  • Rosanne Parry: "Rose_ann" "Pair_ee" |  Listen

    5th & 6th Grade

  • Ruth Behar: "Rooth" "Bay_har" |  Listen
  • Pablo Cartaya: "Pah_blow" "Car_tie_yah" |  Listen
  • Jerry Craft: "Jeh_ree" "Kraft" |  Listen
  • Ben Guterson: "Ben" "Goo_tur_sen" |  Listen
  • Anna James: "An_uh" "Jaym_s" |  Listen
  • Lynne Kelly: "Lin" "Keh_lee" |  Listen
  • Gordon Korman: "Gor_don" "Kor_min" |  Listen
  • Stacy McAnulty: "Stay_cee" "Mac_ah_null_tee" |  Listen
  • James Ponti: "Jaym_s" "Pohn_tee" |  Listen
  • Nic Stone: "Nick" "Sto_n" |  Listen