Library Renovations

We are updating your libraries!

Our Plans for 2018

Douglas County Libraries, Louviers


In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the historic Louviers Village Club House, we have refreshed our library space with new paint, refinished floors, updated lighting, new and refinished furnishings, and additional items in our Louviers collection. Visit and see the updates for yourself!
Douglas County Libraries, Roxborough


Our Roxborough location has been updated with new paint and new interior finishes and furniture. Drop in for a visit or view some photos now.
Douglas County Libraries, Castle Rock

Castle Rock

Renovation details coming soon. FAQs »
Douglas County Libraries, Highlands Ranch

Highlands Ranch

Douglas County Libraries Board of Trustees has approved and allocated just over $5.2 million toward renovations at our Highlands Ranch location. Detailed plans are currently under review, with construction tentatively scheduled to begin in late 2018. See the results of the community research around the project, and images of proposed changes.

No Leaf Unturned: A Library Renovation Campaign

Community support has kept Douglas County Libraries blazing trails and growing for more than two decades. Because we continue to care for our resources and want to offer all of our patrons premium experiences, we are excited to launch the second phase of our library improvement campaign, to renovate libraries in and for our community.
Thank you for allowing us to serve you! We look forward to renovating our facilities and bringing new, innovative features to all of our libraries, so we can grow with you, your family, and our community for years to come.


In 2012, the Douglas County Libraries leadership team proposed a five-year expansion plan to build three new libraries in underserved communities. The first phase of this campaign was completed in 2016 with the opening of new libraries in Castle Pines, Lone Tree and Parker. In late 2016, as the building projects neared completion, the leadership team, along with our Board of Trustees, began work on expanding the campaign to add a second phase focused on renovating the four remaining libraries in our district (Louviers, Castle Rock, Highlands Ranch and Roxborough).

The Need for Renovations

Current libraries in Roxborough, Castle Rock, Louviers and Highlands Ranch require enhancements to meet the needs of the growing communities they serve. Inefficient and inflexible layouts inhibit our ability to offer the full menu of services, events and activities our community demands. As we did prior to building the new libraries, we will incorporate the community's feedback about its needs into the renovated spaces while striving for innovative, accommodating library designs. The changing landscape of books, reading and information necessitates highly flexible, modular buildings that are experiential in nature. The library is a source for exploration, discovery and innovation as much as it is a quiet place of contemplation, or a place to do research.
The library is a destination. With more than 1.8 million visitors annually, Douglas County Libraries is a hub for our community. Residents check out books and spend time with their children and families. Job seekers search our online databases or consult with professionals. Businesses and community organizations use our spaces for meetings and events. Many residents come just to hang out.

Financial Summary

Through use of our capital reserves and strong stewardship of our resources, Douglas County Libraries hopes to expand and renovate existing libraries in our community without asking citizens for support through tax increases.

Your Input & Support

In 2012, we conducted a large-scale community-wide survey seeking community input and feedback. Library users and non-users rated the library very high for value. In addition to what we already provide, they told us they wanted more meeting rooms, drive-up book drops, indoor/outdoor spaces, study rooms, creative common spaces, family spaces and contemplative spaces for quiet reflection. We will use findings from this data to help us inform the design process and ensure that renovations are built upon community needs.
In addition, Douglas County Libraries is committed to gaining as much new community input and support as possible. This input will be essential to the success of the library renovations. The community is invited to be involved with this campaign every step of the way. It is vital to collect the community's thoughts, ideas and opinions about their library spaces.
In each community where we plan to renovate a library, we will provide a variety of ways for patrons to give feedback, which may include in-depth focus groups, online surveys, an architect showcase, small community gatherings, and a presence at community events where we will distribute information and collect feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is No Leaf Unturned: A Library Renovation Campaign?
We are excited to respond to the community's growth and demand for library spaces and services through continued dedication to our facilities and strategic plan, and by working on several building renovation projects.
Which libraries will be renovated?
Library renovations have recently been completed in Louviers and Roxborough, and are proposed for the Castle Rock (Philip S. Miller) and Highlands Ranch (James H. LaRue) locations. All are in need of upgraded library spaces to accommodate their expanding communities. Our leadership team is working on a long-term timeline and master facilities plan to detail the projects, which may continue for several years.
Who is funding the renovations?
The library will be the primary funder of the overall project. Funding for a recent land purchase in Castle Rock ($2.5 million) came from the Douglas County Libraries capital reserve fund. Smaller projects may be funded through capital reserves, and/or through funds annually designated for capital improvements. Partners, including local municipalities, private donors and corporate donors, may also help support this project.
Will the community be involved?
Douglas County Libraries is committed to gaining as much community input and support as possible. In each community where we hope to renovate a library, we will conduct a variety of information-gathering activities, including a mix of focus groups, online surveys and small meetings throughout the community. In addition to these formal efforts, we will also have a presence at community events where we will distribute information and collect feedback.
What will the renovations look like?
Because we are dedicated to collecting community input, renovation details are as yet uncertain. We are in the beginning stages of the design process; as we gather and analyze community feedback, we will begin to work with architects and designers on space planning.
We will incorporate the community's needs into the new spaces while seeking innovative library design, and implement features consistent with our other library locations as we work to honor our brand. The DCL brand engages three big ideas that are apparent in our new locations:
  1. The Integrated Family Library: Fun, engaging, learning spaces for families.
  2. The Classic Library: Vibrant, mature spaces for work and relaxation.
  3. The Community Center Library: Plentiful, diverse civic spaces for staging our own content as well as the content our community brings to our table.
Will there be more materials?
Renovations will likely result in small increases in some of the collections we offer.
Castle Rock FAQs

Castle Rock (Philip S. Miller) Renovation FAQs

How is this expansion and renovation being funded?
The land purchase price of just over $2.5 million came from our capital reserve fund.
What is the timeline for expected completion of this project?
There is no set timetable for starting this expansion. A number of variables are in play and still being worked through before our library can act on this project.
What will happen to the businesses currently located in the strip mall on the land we have purchased?
The land now is a strip mall with leased tenants – our neighbors. We have contracted with the Kornfeld Companies, LLP (the tenants' existing property management firm) to support maintenance needs and represent DCL's relationship with other nearby land owners. We are committed to working with these local businesses to elevate their futures as we plan our own. Until we convert this land for a library purpose, we will benefit from rental income as a revenue source.
Who assisted with the purchase of this land?
Frank Griffin, our broker from Newmark Grubb Knight Frank, expertly negotiated this transaction on our behalf. Our Board and its Capital Planning Committee exhibited leadership and patience in seeing it through. Brad Kornfeld/KKG (aka the sellers) and our neighboring land owners willingly allowed covenants governing the property to be altered to accommodate our ultimate use: a library to serve the growing Castle Rock community.
What will happen to the gazebo?
The gazebo's future is still to be determined by DCL leadership and the Town of Castle Rock.
Who can I consult for detailed information about the property, current businesses, etc.?
Please refer these questions to our library representative, Karen Gargan, at (303) 791-7323.
Will parking be affected by this renovation?
Parking will be expanded to meet the requirements of the new building.
Where is the land?
Lot 2 in the image below is DCL's recently acquired parcel.
Parcel Map