Happy Anniversary,

Highlands Ranch!

2021 marks the 40th anniversary of modern-day Highlands Ranch—but the history of this community dates back more than 100 years, to when it was first settled. In celebration of this anniversary year, enjoy a stroll back through time with some fun historical facts, articles, and photos curated by DCL’s own Archives & Local History department.

Fun Facts

Highlands Ranch History Spotlight

One Sheep to Rule Them All


Springer Sheep Finds Its One Soul Affinity

A sheep makes an unlikely candidate for ruler of the ranch—unless, of course, that sheep possesses "mental force" and "occult power" granting it dominion over all other beasts. In 1901, just such a magical animal enjoyed retirement on John W. Springer's Cross Country Horse and Cattle Ranch, at the present-day site of the Highlands Ranch Mansion. Read More »

Visit Highlands Ranch Community Association for information on anniversary festivities and events.