We're Building!

We are excited to build a new library facility that will offer the space and amenities to serve our customers in Castle Rock well into the future.

The Castle Rock library is open during construction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why build a new library in Castle Rock?
We are excited to respond to the community’s growth and demand for library spaces and services through continued dedication to our strategic plan. A new library in Castle Rock is also in line with commitments we have made in our facilities plan, to provide customers with premium libraries that meet community needs.
Castle Rock is growing; it is now larger than Parker and will surpass Highlands Ranch as the largest town in Douglas County in the next 10-20 years. Our current Castle Rock facility is about the size of our Lone Tree library, even though Castle Rock’s population is three times that of Lone Tree. We are working together to achieve a library facility with the space and features to serve our Castle Rock customers now and into the next generation. We also seek to equip our districtwide services teams with spaces for their important work.
Who is funding the new library?
Each year, and for several years, we have set money aside into savings to improve existing buildings and build new ones. Our capital savings fund is our source for this project.
What will the new library look like?
The new library will be built in front of the existing library, on the corner of Wilcox and Phelps Streets. We are in the beginning stages of the design process; as we gather and analyze information, we will begin to work with architects and designers on space planning. We will incorporate the community’s needs into the new spaces while seeking innovative library design, and we’ll implement features consistent with our other library locations as we work to honor our brand.
We will aim to match library capacities in Highlands Ranch and Parker, with about 42,000 square feet of library space, and to provide a minimum of 220 parking spots for customers and staff. We will also add amenities on par with other Douglas County Libraries locations: drive-through book return, an interactive playscape, study and meeting spaces, and more. The Castle Rock location will continue to house Douglas County Libraries Archives & Local History and its collections.
What is the timeline for this project?
On March 31, 2021, our library’s Board of Trustees approved a budget and contracts for a new library and districtwide services facility in Castle Rock. Groundbreaking is set for May 2, 2022. Construction will require 12-15 months, plus another two months to transition library services from the current building to the new one.
Building the library in front of the existing library will provide for a minimum of interruption to library services during construction.
Was the community involved?
Douglas County Libraries is committed to decision-making based on community input and support. Based on our community-wide survey of library users and non-users in 2012, we learned that community members want more meeting and study rooms, indoor and outdoor spaces, family and creative spaces, and a drive-up book drop. That information, as well as more recent data and input, will help inform the design of the new library and ensure it meets the community's needs.
Will there be more materials?
The new library will likely result in small increases in some of the collections we offer.
What will happen to the businesses currently located in the strip mall on the land the library purchased?
The land now is a strip mall with leased tenants—our neighbors. We have contracted with the Kornfeld Companies, LLP (the tenants’ existing property management firm) to support their maintenance needs and represent Douglas County Libraries’ relationship with other nearby land owners. We are committed to working with these local businesses to elevate their futures as we plan our own. Until we convert this land to a library purpose, we will benefit from rental income as a revenue source.
What happened to the gazebo/bandstand?
DCL donated the gazebo to the Castle Rock Band. It was relocated to the CALF Lowell Ranch three miles south of the library, where the community can continue to enjoy it.

No Leaf Unturned

About the Campaign

Community support has kept Douglas County Libraries blazing trails and growing for over 30 years.
Because we continue to care for our resources and want to offer all of our customers premium experiences, we are excited to launch the third phase of our library improvement campaign, to fund and renovate libraries in and for our community.
Thank you for allowing us to serve you! We look forward to building a new library in Castle Rock, and continuing to bring new, innovative features to all of our libraries, so we can grow with you, your family, and our community for years to come.

Campaign History

In 2016, Douglas County Libraries funded and built three new libraries in the underserved communities of Parker, Castle Pines, and Lone Tree. Between late 2016 and 2019, the Leadership Team, along with our Board of Trustees, expanded the campaign to focus on renovating the four remaining libraries in our district (Louviers, Castle Rock, Highlands Ranch, and Roxborough).

Finances & Funding

Through use of our capital reserve and strong stewardship of our resources, Douglas County Libraries hopes to build new libraries in our community without asking citizens for support through tax increases.

The Need for Renovations

Current libraries in Roxborough and Castle Rock do not meet the needs of their growing populations and communities. Inefficient and inflexible layouts inhibit our ability to offer the full spectrum of services and full complement of events and activities our community demands.
The changing landscape of books, reading, and information necessitates highly flexible, modular buildings that are experiential in nature. The library is a source for exploration, discovery, and connection as much as it is a quiet place of contemplation, or a place to do research.
The library is a destination. With nearly 1.7 million visitors annually (2019), Douglas County Libraries is a hub for our community. Residents check out books. They meet and visit with their children and families on a regular basis. Job seekers come to search our online databases or consult with professionals. Businesses and community organizations use our spaces for meetings and events. Many residents come just to hang out.
In 2012, we conducted a large-scale community-wide survey seeking community input and feedback. Library users and non-users rated the library very high for value. In addition to what we already provide, they told us they wanted more meeting rooms, drive-up book drops, indoor/outdoor spaces, study rooms, creative common spaces, family spaces, and contemplative spaces for quiet reflection. We will use findings from this data, along with more recent data and input, to help us inform the design process and ensure that renovations are built upon community needs.

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